Write personalized emails to a group

Smaller publications to start out with. Instead of pitching to New York Times, aim for smaller blogs, websites, newsletters, and niche companies. Write personalized emails to a group of activators. — Those that you know will share your product with their network For example. If you’re looking to get your new beauty products into the hands of customers. Sure, you could aim for Allure, Glamour, or FASHION magazine. Or, you could target your efforts at smaller blogs with a highly engaged audience.

Write personalized emails to a group

A quick search on Google for “beauty blogs” pulls up several outreach opportunities for your website. Screenshot showing google search results Tactic Three: UAE WhatsApp Number List Run a Cross-Promotion with Another Brand Two audiences are better than one. Teaming up with another brand to run a cross-promotion (as long as you aren’t competing). Can expose your product to a brand new, targeted audience. All while building brand recognition in the process. You can try: Newsletter swaps Guest blog posts Social media

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takeovers Special product features and offers Cross promotions. Product roundups One of my favorite examples of a cross-promotion done well was between furnishing store Pottery Barn and paint company Sherwin-Williams.[*] Screenshot showing information and copy on an online store The two brands partnered up to create a special line of paints. And then added an exclusive section to Pottery Barn’s website that allowed customers to select paint colors to complement their furniture choices.

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