To encourage sharing and support of the survey

To navigate this challenge, Beer Cartel took a unique, two-pronged approach. First, Beer Cartel knew that it would need help from other brands in the industry to Algeria WhatsApp Number List spread the word about the survey. But instead of sending a generic “we’re running a survey, Algeria WhatsApp Number List would you help us promote it?” message, it crafted a compelling offer for other brands in the Australian craft beer industry. To encourage sharing and support of the survey, any business that promoted the survey would receive a free copy of the industry report generated from the survey results.

And any business sharing the survey

So by simply sharing a survey, each participating business could gain some important insights. Into the Australian craft beer industry and its customers. Screenshot showing how you can contact beard brand It was a win-win situation. Beer Cartel would receive publicity for its survey. And any Algeria WhatsApp Number List business sharing the survey would in turn receive information that will help them to Algeria WhatsApp Number List better understand their market and customers. In the blog post launching the survey that you see above, Beer Cartel also offered other businesses direct contact with founder Richard Kelsey to help them get set up with a unique promo link.

Algeria WhatsApp Number List

In the blog post launching the survey

This approach was hugely successful; Algeria WhatsApp Number List just look at number of businesses that supported the survey. Screenshot showing different logos And second, to encourage consumers to take the survey. Beer Cartel created a couple of offers. For anyone who Algeria WhatsApp Number List completed it, they would. Have the chance to win $500 of craft beer Receive a coupon code to get Algeria WhatsApp Number List $10 off their next order from Beer Cartel In total, more than 17,000 people took the survey. The survey results were published on Beer Cartel’s blog and helped grow their site

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