On The Internet And Many Netizens

In the early morning of January 10, Ren Zeping, the former chief economist of Evergrande, publishe a report on China’s fertility on the Internet, claiming that a solution to low fertility had been found. His main suggestions in the article Establish a fertility encouragement fund as soon as possible, print an additional 2 trillion yuan, and use 10 years to make the society give birth to 50 million more children.

Ren Zeping also cite the results of the survey he did on January 7, “Do you support the encouragement of maternity funds?”. The data showe that 4,131 people participate in the survey, of which 2,805 people chose to support, accounting for 67.9%, and 1,326 people chose not to. Support, accounting for about 32%.

This Is One Example Of His Advice.

In response to the topic of 2 trillion and 50 million children, some netizens made a very simple calculation and calculate that each child will receive a subsidy of 40,000 yuan, and then questione Ren Zeping, “Is 40,000 yuan enough to support a child?” Others adde : “Inflation is dilute again.

Some netizens left a message asking Ren Zeping: “How to solve Germany Mobile Number List currency devaluation? Why should most ordinary people who don’t know how to manage money and only save should deal with currency devaluation?”

Some netizens also said: “When the upper lip touches the lower lip, it is 2 trillion. Do you care about the skyrocketing prices? Are you responsible for growing grain with 50 million mouths?”

More netizens questione Ren Zeping’s personal ability: “The so-calle economists, don’t just talk about things on paper. It is strongly recommende that Teacher Ren take advantage of his youth and energy to give birth to three children.”, “Can come up with this Trick, you are real water.”

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Ren Zeping’s Remarks Also Aroused A Lot Of Attention And Heated Discussions

This is not the first time that Ren Zeping has been questioned. In September 2021, Liu Shengjun, president of the National Institute of Financial Reform, once issue a document “Three years ago, Xu Jiayin took a dose of “Ren Zeping” by mistake, thinking that Evergrande In a deep crisis, Ren Zeping also has a responsibility.

Since then, Ren Zeping has also issue a long article in response to the accusation. He said that after joining Evergrande, he also remonstrate in front of several principals of the company to reduce debt and oppose diversification, but he was eventually criticize by Evergrande executives for “insufficient structure and understanding.” less than the company’s major strategy” criticism. Ren Zeping also said that he has been doing research in Beijing, far away from Shenzhen, the headquarters of Evergrande. The implication is that he has no decisive influence on Evergrande’s decision-making.

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