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About what I thought would be useful for my content marketing strategy. To Brazil Phone Number be honest, the majority of them were wrong. I learned that. Intuition is great for getting started with new tactics right away. But I have to pay attention to the data to see the truth about what works or fails. Your content marketing strategy should not be set on stone. Stay flexible by auditing content performance, analyzing patterns and trends. Adjusting strategies as needed. For example, a simple audit like the one below. Reveals a more successful day of the week and author. You Brazil Phone Number can also find additional insights in that raw data to help you continually improve. Your strategy and content calendar. Top traffic. Click to enlarge measurement over the years I had a lot of intuition.

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Posts requires some time, serious effort, and consistency. Content calendars help. You stay honest about publishing Brazil Phone Number features, help you (and content creators). Stay on schedule, and get rewarded Brazil Phone Number when the time comes. Tool depending on size and resources, the content calendar can be Brazil Phone Number as simple. As a bullet or an excel spreadsheet. Alternatively, it can be a more. Robust system that is part of a content tool or marketing automation platform. Make sure your calendar is the most important communication tool. So make sure it works for your organization and is easily accessible. To anyone with a content marketing strategy. Impact of total blog posts creating.

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Let everyone on your content team know about it. Please continue to track in. (don’t miss this step, otherwise the Brazil Phone Number content calendar will be flat no. Matter what you do.) organization having a strategy can be a different. World than executing a strategy. Get used to the hockey stick effect. This effect is clearly visible in the graph below. This graph from the  Benchmark survey marks a turning point in the growth of inbound traffic. And has been shocked upwards after a total of 400 blog Brazil Phone Number posts. Companies that publish more than this number receive twice as much. Traffic as companies with 301-400 posts. This hockey stick effect shows that. The more content you publish on your website or blog. The more benefits you get (indexed pages, traffic, leads). What is it equal to Create a strategy. Document it.

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