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But it wasn’t just the traffic that increased from this campaign. Revenue in 2017 increased by $65,000 (34% increase over 2016) Beer Cartel’s mailing list increased Argentina WhatsApp Number by 130% from 13,000 in 2016. To over 30,000 subscribers in 2017 More than 20 Argentina WhatsApp Number articles were written about the survey. Increasing awareness and backlinks to Beer Cartel’s site Argentina WhatsApp Number THE TAKEAWAY. CREATE UNIQUE CONTENT THAT DELIVERS NEW INSIGHTS Content marketing is very hard to get right.

Approach and deliver content that truly

But as Beer Cartel proves, if you do manage to get it right. Content marketing can deliver incredible results for your eCommerce business. Who wouldn’t like a 34% increase in revenue? If you want content marketing to work for you. Though, you need to take a fresh approach and deliver content Argentina WhatsApp Number that truly creates value for your industry and customers. HOW TRAVELLER Argentina WhatsApp Number COLLECTIVE USES USER-GENERATED CONTENT TO GROW THEIR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS. Screenshot showing a landing page Darryl McIvor is passionate about travel and his mission upon starting Traveler

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McIvor created was a set of engraved rings

Collective was to create something for people who love to travel and want to do something. About the countless inequalities across the globe. What McIvor created Argentina WhatsApp Number was a set of engraved rings for every country in the world. Travellers can collect these Argentina WhatsApp Number rings on a clip or necklace, and every purchase helps to fund a charitable project. Screenshot showing copy for a travel memoir product Over 10,000 travelers from more than 100 countries have bought rings from the

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