When Ji Kang was a child, his father passed away. Although their family is not as big as the Nguyen family

Daily supplies and Christmas gifts to Anren Homestead, Dean Xie readily agreed. “In fact, children really need more opportunities to communicate with the outside world. This time, foodpanda’s partners are willing to come to Anren Homes during the Christmas season to interact with the children, which also brings us a lot of warm and lively festive atmosphere.” Dean Xie also He said that through the public welfare actions of foodpanda’s delivery partners. The children have learned an important lesson of “self-help and then helping others”. image1 Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio

The food panda public welfare action was originally inspired

by the delivery partner “private pull” After the delivery convoy arrived at Anren Homestead, the foodpanda delivery partners unloaded the goods, distributed the supplies, and arranged the gifts one by one under the Christmas tree. It is hard to believe that most of the Morocco Phone Number partners met for the first time. Communicate with LINE groups. However, how did foodpanda come up with the idea of ​​cooperating in this love action? In fact, all of this was due to the call of delivery partner Li Xin. Long before foodpanda launched the official public welfare activity, Li Xin and

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Several good delivery partners have privately gathered

5 or 6 people to donate to the public welfare together, and occasionally send some white rice, toilet paper and other materials to the disadvantaged local residents. After the company found out, it was deeply moved and inspired, and was willing to respond to the public welfare, so this large-scale. Christmas warm-up operation was launched. As Guo Xinyi, senior public affairs manager of foodpanda, said: “During Christmas, sending gifts to the kindergarten. Playing with the children, bringing the enthusiasm of the delivery partners into the Anren home, and making the partners have connections or common memories, this is what foodpanda wants to do. The “delivery happiness” to be created.” Deliver happiness, let love flow – foodpanda’s delivery partners

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