Why can’t there be a Salesforce in China?

According to many data reports, the overall scale Sweden Phone Number of China’s enterprise-level SaaS will reach 53.8 billion in 2020. Judging from the current state, the data is estimated to be too much.

And many investors predict that after the epidemic is over, domestic SaaS software will experience explosive growth. Because I am also doing SaaS myself, I know that  it is very difficult to make profits in this field. I would like to discuss some insights in this field with you based on my own experience.

Cultural differences between China and foreign countries

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We all know that the concept of SaaS has been around for many years. Since 2015, it has been going hand in hand with Internet+. So far, vertical industry SaaS and tool SaaS account for 80% of the market.

Although today’s information is highly transparent, many companies are still unable to do anything about this model. Why do I price it so cheaply? Users are still unable to retain, and it is more difficult to acquire customers every day?

I don’t think this reason is mainly driven by the market and products. It is necessary to consider the cultural differences between China and foreign countries. When you go to restaurants and take taxis abroad, you need to pay tips, and both consumers and service people think that This is as it should be.

Customers are uneasy about SaaS software

In recent years, we have been deploying the SaaS elderly care industry. In the early stage, we were mostly serving government departments. The primary concern was data. Although you are cheap, there are risks in data security, and it is impossible for us to cater for these risks, even if only One percent chance.

Over time, we made inland deployments for Why can’t there government departments, and then optimized our products according to specific needs, and finally formed a software development path, which deviates from the original intention, but there is no way, there must be profits to earn , so there has always been a deviation in our product direction.

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