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Know their habits, needs and problems, this will help you define your ideal client and create a character with identity. The more detailed the characteristics of your potential client, the more accurate actions you can create. Knowing your buyer persona is essential to map the purchase journey that your potential client makes, the step-by-step process that follows from the moment they find you on the Internet to the final decision to buy. If we want to use content to optimize the sales process, we have to think about generating quality content that helps in the development of each of the stages of the funnel that the person goes through. Select content formats and digital channels Clearly determining the objective of your content strategy will be the first step to also choose the formats and platforms that you will use to achieve them.

Blog email marketing book white paper Infographics and images Downloadable studies and presentations Webinars and lives Videos podcast influencer marketing Determine your content pillars The pillars of content in social networks are the guideline that your publications will follow and that must arise in large part from the objectives that you previously set. Defining pillars will help you prioritize content, build a comprehensive storytelling and establish periodicity. What do you want to achieve with your digital communication? The objectives can be, for example, making the brand known, reaching a younger segment, strengthening trust in your company, increasing online sales or retaining your customers. The options are many and will depend on the identity and business objectives of each organization.

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Along the way, actions may change as part  China phone number any measurement and evaluation process, but it is always advisable to define a period of time in which you will project your pillars. In accordance with your initial objectives, now comes the part of innovating and proposing. At this time, creativity should be seen driven by all the previous analysis, always with a focus on valuable content. Studying the competition and references can be a great support to promote innovation. Each content pillar must contain the topic that will be worked on, the social network in which it will be published, the objective and KPI associated with each pillar and the percentage of relevance in terms of frequency. You will learn all this and more in our complete Social Media Manager Specialization Program ! What are you waiting for to create your Content Marketing strategy?

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According to a recent study by IAB Spain , 25% of users remember. A brand that has advertised brand content in the last year. While for 73% of companies, branded content is a priority in their advertising strategy . However, only 39% of them use it intensively. On the other hand, nine out of ten professionals in the digital industry consider that Content. Marketing strengthens the brand and that the best format is video, due to its effectiveness and the engagement it generates.  It gets more attention and is more inspiring than traditional marketing and online advertising in general. The secret? Build meaningful stories, transmit values ​​and generate sentiment. This is the great advantage of Content Marketing, which allows you to focus on the emotional side of stories through organic and non-invasive formats for users.

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Built-in features for search engine optimization. Disadvantages: If you create your site in Wix, it is very complex to migrate to another platform. Once you have chosen your template you can no longer change it. Its SEO is not friendly, so it costs to appear in Google. Wix advertising on your site. wordpress This platform is still the favorite for users and for 2020 it is still a safe bet. It is completely independent and requires a web hosting service to use it. WordPress has all its plugins and themes free. Although the only real expenses you will have to incur will be for the domain. Hosting and any other maintenance costs. Advantages: Highly customizable through themes and plugins Excellent SEO positioning. Extensive amount of free resources, tutorials, guides and tips Friendly and active community.

Easy to find support large selection of WordPress specific hosting solutions READ MORE. Why build your WordPress website in 2022 Disadvantages: Unstable plugins Sometimes you need to know programming. Updates move very fast Like everything in life, both tools are good, but there will always be one that best suits your needs . You have to evaluate this with great caution, in the end, things well thought out work better. In conclusion, if you are looking to start a business with a shopping cart, your best professional alternative will always be WordPress. If you want to learn how to use the tool, at Academia Adity we offer online WordPress courses , where you will learn how to create your website from scratch and with a shopping cart.

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