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That we can create within the CDP to cross them with our Marketing strategy and thus be able to make real-time, personalized decisions. to each user. We will be able to optimize our programmatic advertising and, above all, enhance the experience of implementing the 3 systems and basing ourselves on their results. The latter is the biggest challenge of industry 4.0 how does a customer data platform work LDM + mparticle In LDM , the campaigns that are developed based on user experience are thanks to the strategic alliance with mparticle , LDM uses methods and intelligence that comes directly from .

The CDP vendor in order to have the highest standards of implementation, use, and results. in each campaign. As the report “ The new rules of customer engagement ” shows, the majority of e-commerce users prefer multichannel interaction and on different devices, and 71% use different channels. The importance of omnicality in digital marketing Being aware of this, at LDM, we promote brands so that their content is distributed through different channels and for different devices, this leads brands to know their users and take ownership of their marketing. Thanks to this “user experience” strategy.

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Marketing ROI by up to 300% in different Cameroon phone number campaigns for different brands, also managing to increase. The acquisition of active and potential leads to achieve the objectives of our partners . When to use a CDP? In answer to the question that brought us here: Ya! Now! … And if you do not have the necessary data structure to start the search for a CDP, start by analyzing the opportunities in your company, project or brand, to start a transformation process where you take your brand from carrying out traditional marketing campaigns (although be digital) to create campaigns based on the user experience.

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Karma Pulse as part of our tools At Digital Marketing.  We need to know the health of the brands we work with, that’s why we use Karma Pulse. This tool is essential for planning strategies as it allows us to analyze high volumes of data. On the other hand, it allows us to know niches in which our brand.  Is talked about and the moments in which this happens. And it is that through Artificial Intelligence we are also able to predict trends and improve our strategies. One of the biggest advantages that we take advantage of this platform is that 90% of the actions that can be carried out are adapted to the needs of each client.

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Is knowing that processes are automated through Artificial Intelligence. This is why we don’t waste time or effort manually teaching the platform to understand what users say. Success Stories with Social Listening Social Listening offers great potential benefits to achieve your strategic goals. Currently, the big brands are developing this practice to achieve different purposes. Some companies use social listening to connect with new customers and influencers; also with the aim of offering a unique shopping experience. Similarly, with social listening you can manage the reputation of your brand ; therefore, you will make the user experience unforgettable. Below, you will find some practices that will help you understand cases where Social Listening worked.

ASOS and Desi Perkins Desi Perkins is a popular YouTuber who creates lifestyle and beauty content. She currently has 3.2M subscribers. In her videos, she offers advice and product recommendations,  on her followers. As an influencer, Desi Perkins adopts a routine and beauty tricks that her followers want to achieve. One day this influencer wanted to make a purchase in the ASOS online store. Of a garment that she was not in stock. So Desi Perkins decided to raise the issue on social media. “Why is @ASOS showing me cute items on their website that are out of stock? Every product I select is out of stock.” This publication was uploaded to.

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