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Highly curated Instagram feed and a perfectly timed product CTA. Screenshot showing an instagram post by huckberry MAY: REACH YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER AND BOOST BRAND AWARENESS. WITH INFLUENCER MARKETING Influencer marketing isn’t new to ecommerce by any means; it’s been around for years.  According to a study from TapInfluence and Nielsen of one Fortune 500 food

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brand, influencer marketing can drive annual incremental sales at a rate of 11x versus traditional digital advertising. In short, influencer marketing is Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List when a brand partners with a well-known internet or social media. Personality (influencer) to expand the brand’s credibility, reach a new audience, and drive sales. Here’s how to get started with an influencer strategy for your ecommerce business.

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will help you drive qualified leads to your website or social media channels. For that, you’ll need a tool. Top rated influencer marketing tools: FollowerWonk BuzzSumo. Topsy HYPR NeoReach Here’s an example of where I searched for “fashion” in HYPR: Screenshot showing stats about an audience. Once you’ve identified a list of influencers within your space. Research to find out if they’ve done any influencer campaigns in the past. You can do this for free by simply viewing their social media posts on

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