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For the organization Branding has to give it life and soul that needs to. Be understood and valued by all stakeholders. From employees within the organization, customers, target customers Business partners, media, and branding cannot be determined solely by the marketing team, but by all departments in the organization. So what are the steps in building a brand? Let’s look at 10 steps of building a strategic brand. 1. Focus on business strategy A strong brand depends on the starting point of setting a business strategy.

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Including both short-term and long-term business goals In order to drive a brand vision there must be clarity and connections between Nigeria Phone Number past, present and future to create value and competitive advantage. 2. Clearly identify customer groups and stakeholders Find out if customers include stakeholders. Who are the stakeholders involved with our brand? Defining customer groups should not be too broad. but should be specified in a specific way The more clearly we can define customer groups. It will be more useful in marketing planning. At this stage, we should work together to analyze from the CEO, CMO, CFO, VP Brand, VP Marketing, VP CE, VP Operation levels because building a brand is not a matter of either party.

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Research target customers BU Leads Any brand invests in target customer research. will be able to make the brand grow and profit better By conducting research we gain an in-depth understanding of our customers’ perspectives on what they put first. What kind of communication is what customers want? What is your view on our brand? Which helps us save a lot of marketing and brand development costs. 4. Define the vision of the brand. that is consistent with business strategy Defining a brand vision Brand Vision allows us to see the long-term goals of the brand.

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