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As a result, UA will stop collecting and processing data on  but you will be able to reach your historical data for a time after that date. But from that date, your new data will be collected in GA4 properties.

redictive analysis with the machine learning capabilities of Google. For example, through machine learning, you can fill out data about your website or app traffic and comprehend user behavior more accurately.

It tracks visitors’ behaviors from Honduras Phone Number the first visit to the last click. These all make it available to trace user journeys more effectively and widely. That’s what Google Analytics 4 intends to provide.

Differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics

The differences between GA4 and UA resulted from the technological evolvements that are increasing daily.


There are multifold changes GA4 brings up. Here we reveal the five significant differences between GA4 and UA.

GA4 pledges that the prediction

based on user behavior is one of  the significant upgrades of GA4. It uses machine learning predictive metrics to track and analyze user journeys and make it available for you to make predictions about your next steps and plans.

The tool is a customer-behavior-based property, and it traces the steps of your customers from beginning to end. It analysis all the behaviors of users and predicts consistent prospects by filling the gaps in user journey by using machine learning facilities. If you want to learn more about machine learning check out our article as further reading.

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GA4 upgrade has some changes in terms of the privacy of users. For example, GA4 automatically anonymizes IP addresses, and it has a privacy consent mode to downshift the effects of GDPR.

This mode will help you to report content, conversions, and attribution even if you can not reach the users and can not directly identify them.

By this conversion model, GA4 aims to decrease missing data based on privacy regulations.


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