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The highest record of Yingke anchor “Second Sister” is a fan madly brushing 1 million diamonds (1 diamond = 1 yuan) , 320,000 were obtained after the share with the Yingke platform. Another Yingke anchor, “Sister Dou”, encountered the craziest diamond brushing in 35 minutes, 1.06 million diamonds. However, Mini, Doujie, and Erjie are China Mobile Number all big anchors standing at the top of the pyramid. While live broadcasting is amplifying human nature, it is also widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Xiaoqi is a contracted anchor of the platform, and the monthly salary plus the reward is 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. After more than a year of live broadcast, she transformed into an Internet company to be a public relations manager.

Core Operating Philosophy China Mobile Number

“The competition on the platform is too fierce. The anchors not only have to be cute and show off their talents, but the industry elimination rate is too high. Moreover, the so-called fans are all brushed out, and half of the real fans may be half of them. No. It’s hard to be popular.”Of course, the EASY mode where the anchors “sit in front of the China Mobile Number computer, chat and sing to make money” also has unknown anxiety and bitterness behind the high income of tens of thousands of yuan brought by several hours of live broadcast. The “fetters” in the online world are the price that anchors must pay.

Is Decentralization and Does China Mobile Number

China phone number list
China phone number list

“Singing is too ugly”, “The second generation of stars and the common people compete for jobs”, “Have a good father”… These spicy words appear almost every day in the live broadcast room of “Society Your Ball Sister”. At first, she would be aggrieved or even angrily retorted, “I was very independent since I was a child, and my parents disciplined me very strictly. Now that I grow up, I want to make money by myself, and I want to make my own clothing China Mobile Number brand.” With, she stopped arguing, “My dad said, you can scold you if you want, as long as you feel comfortable.” Although there were several times, she still couldn’t resist the grievances in her heart, and left a sentence: “I feel uncomfortable,

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