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7. Increase your keyword bid What is it? In Google Ads, your keyword bid is the amount of money you’re willing to pay per click on your ad for a specific keyword. Sometimes your bid is too low and if you increase it, you can get more impressions, clicks, and conversions. Why does it work? Google Ads uses an auction model where different advertisers bid for the same keywords to display their ads. All things equal, Google displays the ad from the highest bidder. It uses the cost per click (CPC) pricing model where you’re charged every time a user clicks on your ad. By increasing your bid for a specific keyword, you can increase your chances of displaying your ad. Keyword bid is different from your budget. Your campaign budget is the overall expense of your campaign, including multiple keyword bids. Example image of keyword bid vs campaign budget How can you replicate it? Increasing your keyword bid effectively means increasing your CPC.

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When you increase your CPC, you automatically win Tunisia Mobile Number List more auctions, and your impression share increases. However, you must ensure that your campaign remains profitable despite increasing your CPC. This strategy works fine for short campaigns where you’re looking to achieve a specific goal quickly. But it’s hard to sustain over a longer period because it’s hard to maintain your profitability. Keep testing to increase your Google Ads impression share As we’ve pointed out, there can be a number of ways to increase your Google Ads impression share. However, there’s no guaranteed fix because there are so many variables involved. The best path to improving your impression share is to carefully diagnose the problem and then test different solutions to see what works. Warning: patience may be required. In addition, keep testing different ad formats, copy versions, landing pages, and keywords to find the optimal campaign for your business goals.

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Get More Out of Your PPC Ads First grab competitors’ data and then their traffic. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Google Ads Impression Share How do you improve impression share? Google recommends understanding the reasons for low impression share, improving your ad quality and targeting, increasing your budget, and choosing more accurate keywords as possible ways to improve your impression share in Google Ads. Can you get a 100% impression share? Yes, it is possible to get a 100% impression share. But that rarely happens, especially in competitive niches. What affects impression share? Your ad quality, keyword and geo-targeting, budget and bid, and competition are the main factors that impact your impression share. What is a good impression share percentage? This varies across industries, but anything 65-70% in a competitive industry is good.

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