So who are they Your existing network

Have available to you. ENGAGE YOUR EXISTING NETWORK You have a group of highly engaged audience members already. They’re waiting to visit, subscribe to, and share your website and content. This is true even if you haven’t even launched yet. Even if your email list is empty. So who are they? Your existing network. This is your most powerful tool for knocking over that initial traffic domino. Most people refuse to engage their existing network. They feel “weird” about involving their family and friends in the businesses or websites, so they never reach out.

Most people refuse to engage

But that’s backward – because if anybody wants to support you, it’s the people you already know. I got my first visitors by sharing Sleep Sumo with my family and friends through Facebook groups. Facebook chat, and text messages: Screenshot showing a Facebook conversation. I Egypt WhatsApp Number List created a spreadsheet with all my family and friends, and reached out explaining what I was working on, asking them individually either to subscribe or give me feedback. Reach out individually rather than in a group message on Facebook or WhatsApp. When was the last time you were added to a group message that didn’t annoy you

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I created a spreadsheet with all my

Have a specific call to action for your family and friends. They want to support you, but you shouldn’t expect them to figure out what the best way to do so is. Hands down the one thing with the biggest impact in my ability to get to 10,000 visitors in 30 days was giveaways. With giveaways, I grew my email list from 173 to 2,322 in three days: Screenshot showing MailChimp metrics

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