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But creating and executing an ecommerce content marketing plan is not. You must keep in mind a large number of data. Both about the business and the product and the target audience before developing the articles. One of the most common mistakes new business blogs make is posting content that is sparse. Lacks value. Or is too commercial. This should include focusing on search intents that are not aligned with what you want to rank for. Thus confusing search engines who won’t understand what you really want to rank for.

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Another weakness present in blogs for ecommerce is the timely response that can be given to users. There have always been buyers who want to be served immediately. And sometimes this does not happen Guatemala Phone Numbers through digital media. If you are not going to monitor the comments left by users on your articles. It is better that you do not enable this option to avoid losing them and that they contact you directly by the means to which you are most attentive .

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Benefits of having nestrategia as mentioned before. There can be no good content marketing in ecommerce without a specialized team with experience in this field of activity. It is precisely in this that the nestrategia team stands out. In nestrategia you will receive the best experience and personalized strategy to grow your company on the internet. We study your situation. Develop and execute a plan to give greater visibility to your online business. Contact us and check how your visitors believe on the internet.

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